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Intro about 11-11

Welcome to the world of blocks 11-11. On the board, you arrange other blocks with enough 11 tiles horizontally or vertically to destroy them and get a score.

Learn about blocks in 11-11

In 11-11, you'll be playing at an 11x11 board, with a total of 121 empty cells. There will be blocks of green, blue, yellow, and orange colors, etc with different shapes. There are 2x2 square blocks, there are L-shaped blocks, etc. You need to move those blocks onto the board. This is like a familiar classic puzzle game. The problem here is that you won't be able to change the shape of the blocks. This is a harder puzzle challenge for you to take on.

How to score in 11-11

Each time, the game will give you three consecutive blocks. You just need to place the blocks on the playing board and you have the corresponding points already. For example, if you can place the letter I with a length of 4 cells, you will get 4 points. The more you place the more points you get. Our leaderboard will update continuously. You can also be the leader in that ranking. The problem is that there are only 121 cells, how to place many blocks?

Gameplay of 11-11

Each time it appears, the game will give 3 blocks to appear at the same time. You need to think about the reservation. Then, use the mouse to drag the block to the position you want. How to create 11 closed cells in vertical or horizontal rows. That will cause that row to be destroyed and you have more slots to arrange for the next slots. You cannot change the shape of the block and the blocks will appear irregularly. Are you ready for this dramatic challenge?

Some suggestions

You need to use a little more math knowledge. Arrange the blocks to create rows of 11 tiles as quickly as possible so that the playing board has more room to play. In the 3 blocks, they give me, you can calculate and arrange which block comes first. Try to create more cases where you can break 2 or 3 rows at the same time, the more points you will get. The game also has a light and dark mode in the corner light bulb icon on the screen, in my opinion, in the bright mode, it is easier to observe and focus on arranging. Please try the experience.