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The Gameplay of Hole.io

Transform into holes in different colors and designs in Hole.io. You will play against many different opponents and gobble up everything you come across.

Hole io will bring you a game with many different players with many maps from many different places. In each location is a different city. In any city, there will be many different opponents and scenes that bring novelty. You are a deep hole and will absorb everything in your path. Use the mouse and move around to perform this task. The more items you collect, the bigger you become. The bigger you get, the bigger and more valuable things you will attract. Join your friends in this game.

Map, Skin, and Modes options

To start the game you have to understand and choose each appropriate Map, Skin, and Modes


In Hole io, there are 17 maps equivalent to 17 types of cities. There is an Industrial city as well as Candy, etc. How do you like the city, then click choose? Each city has a distinct character and you will also suck in your whole different things.


Do you think it's just a hole so it will look ugly and boring? Not at all, with Hole.io you will have a variety of color and shape options for your hole. If you like simply choose the pink hole. If you like to stand out, choose a mouse or cat hole. Some skins will need certain conditions to unlock. For example, the shark hole, which you will use when you have eaten 100 humans.


  • Classic: in this mode, you will only pay for 2'. During that time, eat a lot of things and earn as many points as you can on the leaderboard.
  • Battle Royale: when playing, you need to fight and swallow opponents. You win as the last hole that survives.
  • Team Vs. Team: join the team and compete
  • Solo Run: you will have no opponent, only you participate in this race. You need to eat everything in the city at 2'.