Drive Mad

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The race track in Drive Mad

Welcome to Drive Mad and experience the thrill of driving. You are a professional driver, so control the car without tipping and reach the destination safely.

As soon as you read the name Drive Mad, you can imagine the madness of the game. You will control different racing cars on each different track. There will be flat racetracks, and there are very rough sections, with many bricks and stones blocking the way. Many times you will have to walk on the bridges dangling over the river. Or you have to jump between passages with no way. The scariest part is when going uphill or taking sharp turns. It is dangerous because your car can flip at any time and you will lose.

Control the racing car and complete the mission

After you know the dangerous track, then let's see the task you need to do and how to control your car.


Like many other racing games, you need to control your racing car to the finish line. At first glance, your car looks very similar to assembled model cars. It is very easy to tip over, so getting to the checkered destination is quite difficult. An interesting thing is that whether you finish or not, you will be photographed when you finish. If you win and reach the finish line, you will get back the finishing shots and congratulatory fireworks. On the contrary, there will be embarrassing moments when falling into the river, overturning the car, etc.

How to control the car

If you don't want yourself to be captured in losing moments, learn how to control the car well. Use the up and down arrow keys, left to right, or the ASDW keys masterfully. To move forward, press the arrow keys or press and hold the mouse. It is important that you apply moderate force to keep the vehicle from tipping over. Try to reach the finish line and you will experience the feeling of driving different vehicles in different scenes through each level. Test your driving skills now and conquer 100 difficult races in Drive Mad