Sushi Party

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A place full of food at Sushi Party

Sushi Party is like a game about an eating match. It allows you to play against players from all over the world. When participating in the game you will become a beautiful little snake entering a world full of food. Full of Japanese food such as Sushi, rice balls, orange juice, oranges, ice cream, etc. All kinds of food and water for you to eat freely. Everything here is a valuable source of nutrition for you. There's a reason to say it's an eating contest. Besides you, there are also many opponents in this game. Everyone has to compete for food and become really big.

Win the Sushi Party

Every game needs to find a winner and so does Sushi Party. What you need to do, need to find out.

Eat lots of food

In Sushi Party, everything works to help your snake grow. Even the food you finish digesting into stool you can eat. Use the mouse to move around and the snake will automatically eat that food. Rest assured that this snake is not a picky eater. It also eats everything as directed by you. When playing this game you will feel like you are taking care of a pet and watching it grow day by day. The more food you eat, the more beneficial your snake will be. Let's help it grow fast and become the leading snake.

Eliminate opponents

In this game, you will have to compete for a lot of food with opponents. Food resources are also limited. If you want to be at the top of the food chain and get big, eliminate your opponents. You and your opponent will die when you reach the red land. It is a forbidden land. You can lure your opponent out there. Or more simply, you can let the opponent stab himself, the opponent will die and the amount of food the opponent has eaten will reappear. Your opponent can do the same to you, so you need to control it firmly. If you are too young, it is best to avoid your opponent.

Achievements and Trophies

When you eat enough 50 dung and 500 sushi you will be considered an achievement and will be rewarded. Quickly open the gift box, and you will receive random hats inside. The longer you play, the bigger you get, and the more achievements you have that unlock new hats. These hats are not simply hats to decorate and beautify yourself. It is also an item that shows that you have lived a long time, eliminated many opponents, and grown stronger. Your opponent will be terrified of you. So hurry up to play the contest and enjoy the delicious food.