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General introduction about DEUL

A fast-paced shooter that shooters can't afford to miss is DEUL. Win in the game requires not only shooting technique but also speed and quick reflexes.

War in many worlds

DEUL has many levels, in each level you need to control a dancing character like a doll. She has striking long blonde hair. She is a top marksman. She needs to outsmart opponents around the world and duel across China, London, Russia, and Brazil. This bloody boring clash needs your help.

Rule In DEUL

You will be a cold-blooded character fighting in this duel. Here agility is needed. As long as you hold the gun first and shoot the opponent, you will be the winner. Otherwise, you will lose immediately. Kill as many opponents as you will pass levels and will face opponents even faster than you. The more goals you score, the more coins you have and the chance to get new skins and accessories.

Two experience levels

See how DEUL in Splatoon 3 gives you two levels and how to win to become a great shooter.

2 levels in the game

  • Beat The Score: you will have a hand-to-hand clash with different opponents. Defeat one person and you will pass a level and continue to fight with different opponents. Note that the opponents will get better and better skills. You just have to practice hard to improve your ability day by day.
  • Shoot The Bottles: in this mode, you will face extremely highly damaged bottles. Soft drink bottles and milk cartons of all colors and shapes will continuously fly toward you. You have to shoot all those bottles. If you let them cause a collision with you, you will lose immediately.

How to shoot guns in 2 levels

In DEUL shooting is very simple, you just need to use the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button quickly. You need to hold the gun firmly and raise it in front of the opponent. With just 1 second delay you can lose your life. This bloody gun battle needs someone who can shoot really fast. Are you that person?

Charts in each level

Each win will earn you points and increase your score, get a higher score to climb the leaderboard. Leaderboard in DEUL will have HI SCORE, INNOCENTS, KILLS, WAVE, SHOTS, and DEATHS in each level. Based on that, you will know your ability and technique are good, and will try harder to be at the top of the rankings.

Skill Shot

This is a game section for every player to gain additional skills. The bottles are also kept flying toward the friend. This is your chance to show off your gun skills and gain skills. Each FREE SHOT takes a few hours to appear. Or, players can choose to watch an ad to receive an additional New Skill Shot in 5 minutes.


  • Fun ragdoll game
  • Short rounds
  • Various types of ammo you can use
  • Brutal shooting graphics but simple gameplay
  • Get leaderboards and unlock new levels