Capybara Clicker

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Enter the world of Capybara Clicker

Would you like to have a pet of your own? Play now Capybara Clicker to take care, do tasks, and create a world with your cute capybaras with mouse clicks.

If you are a pet lover and want to take care of them every day, but your parents don't allow it. So why don't you try raising an interesting golden rat in Capybara Clicker? In the game Capybara Clicker, you will enter a world with only you and the Capybara pets. With many different objects and scenes for you to relax. Will you take good care of your pets and let them grow a lot?

Features of Capybara

I know you've been wanting to raise these cute water rats, but let's understand their properties first. Capybara loves water and will do their best to get into a pond or at least a bucket of water. They know how to swim and swim well. Interestingly, their webbed feet are like ducks, so swimming is easy. They love to eat, which is another endearing trait of them. They will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. A special thing is that capybaras like sweets so their bodies are actually quite chubby. With Capybara Clicker, you have unlimited time there to relax and have fun with your pet. Take care of it big and watch everything around you will feel more relaxed.

The Mission in Capybara

Now learn how to create cute Capybaras and how to upgrade to make the game feel comfortable.

Create Capybara

Like other clicker games, your task in Capybara Clicker is completely simple, with no time pressure and no danger at all. You just need to click on the capybara to create many more. The more and faster you create, the more money you have. The money you earn will go shopping and enjoy more new things.

Shop and upgrade

If you are busy and can't always click on it, don't worry. Buy upgrades and with each click, you will generate more capybaras. Or there is an auto-click mode to create more capybaras. You can also create billions of guinea pigs at once to watch them play. In our opinion, it is not advisable. If you take care of them, feed them, and grow them on your own, you will find yourself producing more meaningful results. When you get a lot of money, I think you should change your appearance or unlock other scenes in this world of you and your pet. That will bring you a lot of unique experiences. The game is simple but needs a lot of your care, are you ready to take care of the world of your Capybara pet?