Bullet Force

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Bullet Force, a Shooting Battle

Those who like intense gun battles, come to Bullet Force with 3D graphics. Players can customize their weapons with a variety of regional maps and game modes.

What is Bullet Force?

Bullet Force is a multiplayer shooter in various locations. The game has beautiful realistic 3D graphics for each character. This action game allows players to see and shoot opponents in the first person. Every action, every move, and sound of the gun gives you the most realism. Don't be surprised by this, keep an eye on your opponents, and don't give them a chance to shoot you.

The rule in Bullet Force 

You and your opponent will be together on locations. In each location, people need to hide and can't let themselves be hit. Look at closely the soldiers in camouflage, that's your opponent. You need to destroy all the opponents. Followed by red laser beams in the sky. Those are the guards at the top. To win people need to not get hit by bullets. You need to plan a specific strategy and fight bravely. Every time you meet someone, shoot, shoot accurately. The fighting atmosphere is very tense. Will you be the winner in this mortal battle?

Weapons and battle locations in modes

Multiple arsenals suitable for different playground locations and with 3 difficulty levels for players to choose from

Weapon Types

Bullet Force has a lot of guns to choose from. With over 20 weapons, 30 camouflage weapons, laser sights, and barrel attachments, ak47. Each weapon will suit its own fighting style in each terrain.


The maps of the area where you fight like an open world give you feelings of tension and suspense. From real-world locations such as the Middle East, and Eastern Europe to familiar urban environments are included in Bullet Force.


3 difficulty levels for you to choose from according to your fighting ability

  • Play Easy Mode
  • Play Normal Mode
  • Play Hard Mode

How to play

  • WASD=move
  • Space=jump
  • T=chat
  • Mouse=shoot
  • Shift=run
  • P=pause
  • Enter=respawn
  • G=throw a grenade
  • E=pick up a gun
  • F=use a knife
  • R=reload
  • C=crouch
  • 2=change your weapon

Player comments

Since its launch in 2019, this game has received 1030 votes, 894 positive votes, and 136 negative votes and has a rating of 4.2. Someone said: The game is one of the best I got to admit, the gameplay, the weapons, and skins are all good. This is a game with a fast and difficult level of combat when you have not been able to react and have been shot. What do you see? Please play, feel, and give your own opinion.

Answer some questions

  • Is the game free to play?

Bullet Force is a completely free online game that can be played on both computers, phones, and tablets exclusively on Splatoon 3.

  • Is it possible to play with friends?

Of course, it's okay, you can totally play with your friends and join this gunfight together

  • Out of the maps, which one is the best?

Every map in the game is great. The most special is the Aftermath map.

  • What to pay attention to when playing?

The gun will automatically reload and the player does not lose money to buy. Besides, anyone can modify their weapons with different accessories such as scopes, suppressors, and gun grips to increase combat performance.