Monkey Mart

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About Monkey Mart

Welcome to Monkey Mart and learn how to run a fun supermarket. You will start to produce and harvest your own agricultural products, sell them, and earn money.

If you have had a passion for trading since childhood and want to have a small supermarket for yourself, you cannot miss Monkey Mart. It is a management game that will give you moments of great entertainment. It is causing fever on social networking sites and is loved by many people. Let's find out what the game has different features from other games and is the first choice of young people in their spare time.

Work in Monkey Mart

You are a monkey and you have a very large piece of land. Monkeys love to eat fruit, right? You decide to grow bananas to have fruit to eat. But a small monkey like you alone can't eat it all. You have decided to open your own supermarket and sell fruit for money. You will manage your own mart from nothing until it grows. It means that you will have to manually plant and wait for the fruits to ripen, harvest, sell to customers, and collect money. After earning money, you grow a variety of agricultural products and expand your store. The more products you have, the more money you make and your mart will become more and more famous and known to everyone. It's proud to set up a big supermarket with your own hands, isn't it?

Monkey's working process

First of all, our monkey already has some capital in hand. You just need to control the monkey with the arrow keys or ASDW and move to the plots to buy land and produce agricultural products such as bananas, corn, cows, chickens, etc. Then wait a while, go to harvest, and bring it to the counter. Customers will come to buy and you play the role of cashier. Save that money and quickly go to harvest and sell to the next customers. Especially, your customers are also monkeys of different colors that will make you feel busy and new. This is a painstaking process of do-it-yourself, self-manufacturing, and selling. You will also feel a part of the farmer's hard work.

Difficulties and how to overcome them

Restaurant management is never simple and it will not be in Monkey Mart either. Sometimes you will face a large number of customers and they are not satisfied. Simply, upgrade the monkey or buy other monkeys as your staff. In addition, there are other interesting factors such as dozing employees. Other mischievous opponents monkeys will sneak in and throw things, messing up your supermarket. Will you ignore it or how will you handle it? In addition, you should also be flexible, if you have chickens with eggs and milk from cows you can make cakes. Product variety and creativity will make you earn more money. That money is the fruit of your labor. Occasionally reward yourself and buy yourself accessories like hats to become the most fashionable and special monkey.