Sniper Clash 3D

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Playground of Sniper Clash 3D

Do you dream of becoming a professional sniper? That will come true if you play Sniper Clash 3D. You need to win by taking the opponent's flag and many points.

Deserted oasis

In the Sniper Clash 3D playground, all players will gather in a deserted oasis in the middle of the desert. Here everything is yellow with classic patterns. The sun shines in like it's gilded. This place is very large. Are you ready to join the game in this oasis?

Danger in oasis

Everyone here is not an ordinary person. All are excellent marksmen. No one is not without top-notch shooting skills. There will be no dangerous traps in an oasis. Everyone is divided into two teams and destroys each other. Shoot your opponents and fight with your gun your way.

Goal Accomplishment

What is the player's goal in the vast oasis and what is the way to accomplish it? Let's find out Sniper Clash 3D in Splatoon 3

Target in the game

When participating in the game, you need to destroy your team's opponents. For example, the blue team must destroy the red team. Whenever you meet an enemy, quickly aim and shoot to show your sniper ability. It is important to protect the safety of yourself and your teammates to win the opponent's flag. This is like a bloody chess match. You can't give in to your opponent, hurry up and make a battle plan with your teammates right away.

How to play

  • WASD to Move
  • C to Crouch
  • Space bar to Jump
  • Mouse to Click to shoot
  • L to Lock the cursor

Upgrades and rewards

Your gun can also be upgraded to easily fight. Win more you can also get more attractive rewards.

Upgrade everything

Defeat your opponent and you will get a gold star. Use it to upgrade life hearts, guns, and scopes. Just click the plus sign next to the icon and you have changed stars to fight to upgrade these things. When 100% is enough, it will be completed. Besides, players can also watch ads to receive more gold stars.

Reward for player

  • Golden Weapons: Win 100 games to receive weapons.
  • Daily Rewards: Every day Sniper Clash 3D updates a reward such as Happy Heads which requires 12 gold stars to receive. Practice your sniping skills, work hard to earn gold stars, and receive countless attractive rewards.

Some information players need to know

  • Awesome graphics
  • Attractive gameplay
  • Super fast combat speed
  • Unlock achievements
  • The game played from 3rd person's perspective
  • Ranking of stars earned each day
  • Can invite friends to join the game
  • Characters can be upgraded as you level up
  • Player and team names are chosen at random
  • The secret bazooka or RPG is a very powerful weapon
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all browsers and devices