Temple of Boom

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A battle at the ancient temple

Temple of Boom is a dramatic shooter in a mysterious temple. In this journey, there will be many dangerous surprises that you and your friends cannot expect.

An abandoned temple

People often tell each other that ancient temples often have a lot of treasures left behind. Especially the abandoned temples, there will certainly be many mysterious things here. This is a yellow temple and has many messy paths. At first glance, it looks like a maze with no way out. Do you want to try going here and discovering interesting things?

Characters in the temple

  • A character with a scarf or a hat: this is one of two characters that you and your friends will play and control in this bizarre temple. Always have a gun in hand. Although he looks small, he is very strong in battle.
  • Green Monster: This is a bug that scares every player. These are the monsters that guard this ancient temple. They are numerous and they also have guns.
  • Purple poison spider: this is a perennial poisonous spider, they are very large. Do not allow collisions with them.
  • Other Monsters: Occasionally there will also appear some monsters with strange shapes but they don't have guns.

Shooting at Temple of Boom

You have come here, you have entered this ancient temple and you have awakened the bloodlust of these monsters. They have been guarding here for a long time and are very displeased to see you here. It had been a long time since they had seen a stranger enter here. They are ready to attack fiercely and quickly. Every monster also has a gun and they appear everywhere. In front and behind, above and below everywhere. What do you have to do? That's when you shouldn't panic. Once you have fallen into this temple, you need to run continuously on the platforms to be able to chase and shoot at them immediately. Pay attention to your surroundings, and don't let yourself get shot. Like the name Temple of Boom, this promises to be a great shooting war full of dramatic boom booms that no player can miss.

Weapon Income

In addition to the guns you have available when entering the temple, you can completely find new guns in the yellow chests located in many locations in the temple. It is the treasure that helps you win and protect yourself. Each opening is a separate gun and the reward will always change in each chest. Just dodge the opponent's bullets while earning new guns to upgrade your talents against the monsters.

Two modes in Temple of Boom

In Temple of Boom, you can both fight alone to cope with danger or you can invite more friends as teammates to support each other.

What is Single Player Mode?

General information about Single-player Mode

This is a maze world just for you. The playground in the temple is yours. Show your shooting ability to destroy the demon and discover all the strange things here. When playing alone you can choose Endless or Campaign. In Campaign mode, you just need to accurately aim all the monsters and level up one by one in many temples with different structures. For Endless mode, your mission is to destroy everything and survive in the never-ending battle for survival.

Guide to shooting and moving

  • Move: arrow keys up, left, right
  • Pick up a weapon: down arrow
  • Shoot: Z
  • Swap Weapon: X

What is Two Player Mode?

General information about Two Player Mode

In this game mode, the player does not need to create a room or create a code. Just turn on your computer and access the Temple of Boom in Splatoon 3, and you and your friends and family can go on this journey together on the same computer. Both will participate in the quest to destroy monsters and calculate points. Whoever lives longer and has more points wins.

Guide to shooting and moving

Player 1

  • Move: W, A, D
  • Pick up a weapon: S
  • Shoot: C
  • Switch weapons: V

Player 2

  • Move: arrow up, left, right
  • Pick up a weapon: down arrow
  • Shoot: K
  • Switch weapons: L

In both of these modes, each player who destroys the guardian monster gets points. The more monsters die, the more points will increase and be saved on the leaderboard. Every time you destroy all the opponents, you will pass the level and go to another strange temple. The levels will be called Temple 1, 2, 3, ... You should pay attention to the dashes on the screen, with 8 dashes you have 8 lives. You only need to hit 8 bullets of the monster, which means you have not completed the mission.