Crossy Road

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The story of the diagonal

Welcome to a world full of dangerous cars on Crossy roads. Your task is to control the character forward to collect gold coins and avoid all dangers.

Crossy Road simulates normal streets crowded with vehicles and trees. In the simple game, you will become some small animal and run in that city. You will be able to become a chicken or a cat, etc. They need to run forward and avoid dangerous obstacles. In the city, there will be flying cars, trains, rivers, etc. It's the stuff that can kill you when you're trying to cross the street.

Complete the mission and win

To win and overcome all challenges in the game, you need to know the task and how to control your chicken.

Your duties

When playing the game, you are simply some small animal and need to cross the road. Go as far as possible and collect as many gold coins as you can. In the beginning, you will just be chickens. Help it cross the road without a collision. Red and blue cars of all shapes and sizes travel in a hurry. The road is always crowded, so you have to take advantage of the time to cross. From roads full of cars, you will again move to sections with trains or facing rivers, etc. Those little animals are very scared in an environment like this so you need to lead them on the right path and stop at the right time.

How to control the character

Controlling these little animals is very simple. You just need to click the mouse to go straight and use the arrow keys to go left to right and move forward. In addition to carefully observing fast cars on the road, you need to avoid more traps along the way. You can't be afraid to move forward. The playing screen is always moving closer to you, if you stand still, you will attract eagles and you will also lose. Along the way, you should also try to earn a lot of gold coins for you. Every time you lose you will also get free gift boxes. It can be gold coins or shape-shifting you into a cat, for example. Interesting right? Don't hesitate to join Crossy Road and experience the dangers.