Roller Baller

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Space in Roller Baller

Roller Baller is a fast-running ball game that attracts players. You will control an action miniature ball-like ball and run through dangers in space.

Vast Milky Way

You will be a small round blue planet like the Earth and run around in the galaxy. Sounds interesting right? In other games, you will be playing racing in the desert, in the mountains, or in the basement, but with the Roller Baller game, you have the experience of running and jumping on rocks in a large space with stars. beautiful and as well as dangerous.

The Danger in Roller Baller

In each level of the game, you will face the appearance of countless obstacles. There will be times when your rocks move causing your distance calculation to be wrong. Dangerous obstacles also appeared suddenly and more and more. The constant pitfalls will hinder your run and send you down into the depths of space.

Gameplay of Roller Baller

To be the winner among many players, you need to know the mission and how to control the small planet


Like many other running games, you need to help control the ball like this little planet to overcome the dangers and reach the finish line. The game will end when you do not avoid the obstacles, and fall into space. If you pass, congratulations, you will unlock the next level and continue a new race.

How to control

To avoid obstacles along the way, use the left and right arrow keys and use your finger to swipe if playing on the phone. Besides flexible avoidance, you also press the spacebar and up arrow at the same time so it can move forward and jump over the rocks. Remember this rock is quite small and the distance is quite far. If you avoid the obstacle too far or jump not far enough, the ball will no longer be on the rock and you will fall down, losing the game.

Some Tips

In the Roller Baller game, there will be no store for you to buy more power-ups. You can only rely on your own calculation and control. Choose a suitable jump point because, at long distances, the galaxy is not affected by gravity. If you accidentally fall into the galaxy, quickly press Enter to return to the track from the beginning. The time you play will be counted from the time the ball first appeared on the leaderboard.