1v1 LOL

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Introduction 1v1 LOL

1v1 LOL is a multiplayer shooter action game with attractive 3D graphics. Find where the enemies are hiding and take them down until you are alone. To do this, you must carefully plan a path across the map while simultaneously wiping out your opponents. An ax is only one of several weapons at your disposal while going up against well-fortified enemies. Your keys are conveniently attached to your weapon and four building bricks. Defeat your opponent in a showdown of construction skills and see how far you can go. If you like shooting games like Battle Royale, you will love this one.

The difference of 1v1 LOL

Coming from JustPlay.LOL LTD, 1v1 LOL is not like other action and shooting games. In almost all games of the same genre, you will only need to complete tasks such as eliminating enemies, searching for items, and preparing to enter a dramatic battle. Then when you come to 1v1 LOL, you will notice the difference that here, you will be matched to participate in the gunfight. And then build your own wall of shelter. This is the difference that makes this game so popular. What could be more wonderful than defeating your opponent and becoming the best shooter? Check out Splatoon 3 if you're looking for a game with a survivalist theme.


  • Concise game regulations
  • There are a total of three possible settings.
  • Facilitates the formation of one's own gaming group.
  • Allows people to compete in a nameless environment

How To Play


Basically, you will play a 1v1 battle royale, so your target is to eliminate opponents and become the last survivor. You have to select your weapons, including an ax to break down your opponents' walls. Besides the weapons, there are four constructions bound to your keys for quick access. 1v1 LOL is a highly tactical and competitive shooting game, and the building is also an important skill. You can practice this skill in building mode without having to deal with firefights.


  • LMB to shoot/build.
  • WASD to move.
  • Spacebar to jump.
  • Shift to crouch.
  • Z, X, C, V, or Y to switch building blocks.
  • F, 1, or 2 to switch weapons.
  • R to rotate stairs/reload.
  • G to make doors on platforms.
  • E to open the doors.