911: Cannibal

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Scary house in 911: Cannibal

You yourself are being kidnapped in 911: Cannibal. You need to go looking for clues and escape from the clutches of the kidnappers and murder madness.

Because of your playfulness, you have been kidnapped by a killer to his home. The house is so gloomy with many alleys. The stench and cold always enveloped this house. This pervert is Maniac with an ugly appearance and has had many victims killed in his house. Do you want to be the next?

Escape from the house

Kidnapping will definitely panic and cry. Everyone wants to get out as quickly as possible, but how? Play 911: Cannibal, and you will have some more survival skills. First, stay calm, while the kidnapper isn't paying attention. Go to every corner of the house with the ASDW keys. Down each basement, into each room. Look at every detail for clues. If you are unlucky to encounter a killer, press C to bow and 1-5 to use items. Good luck with your escape.