Ants Adventure

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Build an Ant Kingdom

Become the ant king in Ants Adventure and you must build a mighty team of ants. Besides, a heroic king also needs to fight dangerous destructive enemies.

You play as a king and your task is to build a kingdom for yourself. Initially from quests such as obtaining materials and expanding the size of one's land. Move the mouse or use your finger to swipe on the phone in the direction of the arrows to move the ant in the direction you want. Go through the sites to get the blue material and return it to your nest. When the number is enough, your land will expand and you will receive more money. That money will help you in buying more other workers and upgrading them to increase work efficiency. Just like that, a king like you will create a giant ant kingdom.

Defend the Ant Kingdom

In this adventure, when you go to collect resources you will encounter countless traps on the way, be careful to avoid them by moving the mouse left or right quickly. Besides, your kingdom is often threatened by aggressive bugs, and red ants that steal resources. I believe that you will be really smart and agile, calculate the way, and help your ant kingdom grow.