Ben 10 Relaxing

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About Ben 10 Relaxing

Ben 10 Relaxing is a game that makes everyone play to relieve all stress. You are free to punch in the face or stretch or anything with Ben 10.

Cartoon characters must be no stranger to everyone, right? He is very handsome and has many special abilities. He has the power to fight alongside many evil forces to protect everyone. That makes him a hero in everyone's eyes. So what if you beat this hero? If you want to experience that then play Ben 10 Relaxing, a free and fun online HTML 5 game. It will help people release stress or anger on this virtual character.

How to play Ben 10 Relaxing


Our character Ben 10 will always stand still and not do anything. Use your mouse to click on items or drag to stretch Ben 10. This is a leisurely time, enjoy.

What will you do?

  • Change appearance: you can optionally change the appearance of your character with just one click. You can add hats, glasses, and boxing gloves. Changing clothes and clothes is also an easy thing to do.
  • Entertainment: you can release stress by punching, kicking, and stretching Ben 10. There are balls around and you can use them to knock Ben 10 upside down. This is a fairly effective method of entertainment.