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Summary Bitlife

Shape your own life in a life simulation game which is Bitlife. Control your character to have a perfect life by making as many right decisions as possible.

This game will give you a chance to build a better life than ever or maybe a boring life. You will start the game as a baby. Click on age to make you one year older. As you get older, you will have to make your own decisions about your life. Sometimes, you will have to overcome the temptations of life such as addiction, or crime. You also need to make important decisions in work, love, friendship, and family. Try to make as many wise decisions as possible to make your life meaningful and bright. Having a blooming life or deadlocked life depends on you.

Remarkable information about Bitlife

Main stats

There are 4 basic stats including happiness, health, smartness, and look. You can increase your health by visiting a doctor and improving your look by making up or dressing up. You can enhance your smart by going to school while hanging out with friends or having a date can make you happier.

Some ribbons

You can receive some special ribbons in the ribbon section such as hero, scandalous, lazy, rich, academic, addict, famous, thief, successful, and so on. You can attain a ribbon when you guide your life in that direction. If you complete a ribbon, you will get a green tick.