Build your Rocket

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Rocket launch journey

Can a rocket launch made by your own hands fly far? Build your Rocket will help you answer that question and explore different planets across the galaxy.

In the game, you will try to build your own rocket and launch it on asteroids. You are free to choose the available materials and crafts. Whether the rocket can fly or not depends a lot on your working process. After the rocket goes up, it needs to fly far and earn money on the way. When your rocket flies far and reaches the target asteroid, you will pass the level. Every time you reach a planet, you will unlock for yourself new materials for your factory. Each planet is a new destination, a level with increasing difficulty that challenges you. Now learn how to craft and join the journey to conquer each planet one by one.

Missile Launch Guide

Build rockets

In Build your Rocket, your first job is to build your own rocket. Click and drag fuel and power to the available rocket frame. You need to match the right proportions and in the right sequence so that the rocket can fly safely. Remember to put Fuel before Power.

Launching a flying rocket

If the rocket is fully prepared, click on the Launch box! to start launching. On the way the rocket flies, use your mouse to click to navigate the path. Avoid the rocket colliding or deviating or you will lose. You can earn extra money to upgrade and buy more ingredients.