Chaotic Spin

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Some information about Chaotic Spin

Coming to Chaotic Spin you control a ball running on a spinning wheel. You need to help the ball not to collide with the obstacles and collect the white dot.

Things that appear

  • Circle: It appears in the center of the screen. It's like a revolving track with you and many other things.
  • Round ball: This is the ball in the track that you need to control.
  • White spot: it is as round as a ball but smaller.
  • Other objects: these are dangerous things to avoid contact with.


Every game has a goal of earning a lot of points, so is Chaotic Spin and the way to earn points is to collect blobs. Each dot is a point. While collecting, stay away from other dangerous platforms like yellow squares. If a collision occurs, you lose the game immediately.

How the circle works

In the circle in the middle of the screen, the ball you control will always rotate 360 degrees. While the ball always rotates in such a rhythm, there will be moon spots and other dangers coming. Want the circle to both lose and collect white spots and avoid danger, use the left mouse button. Each time you click, the ball will automatically rotate in the opposite direction. Chaotic Spin has no level division so it means that this is a consecutive spin. The longer you play, the faster the spin will be and the more dangers will come. Practice a lot and try to increase your agility to get a score that surpasses the record.