Cocktail Puzzle

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What is Cocktail Puzzle?

Do you want to become a professional bartender? Let's play Cocktail Puzzle to put together amazing colorful drinks into separate glasses on each level.

Hot summer is the season of soft drinks. Colorful cocktails with ice cubes, straws, and mint leaves are sure to bring a cool feeling to this hot air. In Cocktail Puzzle, there are also many separate cocktails through each level. In the game, you will have a task like a bartender. The cocktails you're making are getting mixed up. As a professional bartender, you need to pour and sort the drinks into separate glasses. This is both an addictive puzzle game and an addictive jigsaw puzzle for you to exercise your brain in your free time.

How to play Cocktail Puzzle

This puzzle game is very simple. You just need to use your mouse to click on the glass you want to pour, then click on the glass you want to pour into. When the glasses have the same color as a complete cocktail, you will pass the level. For a typical example, on the playing screen, there are 2 glasses, one empty and the other containing a mixture of red and orange juice. You click to pour the red or orange solution into the empty glass then continue thinking and pour it into the glasses. Until the glasses have finished producing a distinct orange and red juice representing orange juice and wine, you're done. There are many cocktails that are challenging professional bartenders like you.