Connect Dots

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Quests in Connect Dots

One puzzle game that gets everyone excited is Connect Dots. When participating in the game, players need to connect the points together to create shapes.

Do you love math and do you love spatial geometry? If yes then you cannot miss Connect Dots. This is an entertaining game to train your brain for your entertainment. When starting to play, on the playing screen, small dots will appear around the top of the shapes. You need to connect those dots to create more colors and create the finished shape. The shapes are also familiar geometry such as squares, stars, etc. Each level will be a different shape, another challenge for you.

How to win in Connect Dots

To win this game, you need to connect the dots to draw a complete shape. Let's learn how to connect the points and some things to keep in mind

Connect the dots

Connect Dots game is completely free on phones and computers. If you're playing on your phone, use your finger to draw and drag from one dot to another along a pre-defined fuzzy line. Similarly, when playing on the computer use the mouse. When your colored line completely covers a large shape, you will pass a new level.

A few things to note

You must not drag another line over the line you drew earlier. That means you won't be able to draw two overlapping lines. If you find you have drawn the road in the wrong way and cannot complete it. You press the back key half a circle to delete the stroke you just drew or the arrow button to go back to the whole circle to erase all and draw again from the beginning of the level. After playing a lot, you will learn that you will have to choose the correct starting point to draw to limit the overlap and no paths. Please observe carefully because the score of each level is calculated according to the time you complete the task. The faster you connect the points, the higher you will score on the leaderboard.