Cubes 2048.io

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Number of blocks in 2048

Are you a fan of Snakes and 2048? So you can't miss Cubes 2048.io, you will be a block of numbers and go collect blocks of equal or lesser value than yourself.

Cubes 2048.io gives you a perfect combination of the snake game and 2048. This will surely be very suitable for those who love merging numbers and adding a bit of adventure. In the game, you will be small blocks with colors and numbers on them. Not only you, your opponents too. Everyone will be colorful blocks in this match. You will be allowed to collect blocks of less value than yourself. When you have a value of 2 you will eat blocks of value 2 and grow into blocks of value 4. Like when playing 2048, continue to eat gradually, the more you create a large value.

How to win

This is a game of competition and mutual destruction. In Cubes 2048.io, you will need to use your mouse and control to collect blocks of smaller value. The same goes for other players in the game. You need to move fast to collect a lot if you don't want to be small forever. Your largest number will stand at the top like a snake's head. The smaller value blocks are in the back, stretching like a colorful snake. Remember you can only eat blocks of smaller value, if you meet a really long opponent with a big value, stay far away if you don't want to lose the game. To catch up with the opponent, left click to increase speed.