Doodle Jump

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Doodle Jump Characters

Have you ever entered a jump-only world? Come to Doodle Jump to enjoy the thrill of jumping and flying high. The higher you go, the more score you will get.

Welcome to be an alien character in Doodle Jump and join an endless jump. This character named Doodle is green and as small as a pea. It has many small fringed legs like a very cute squid. Doodle needs to jump on platforms as high as possible without falling. Of course, this path will also have traps and this little alien has a long mouth that can shoot bullets directly. Are you ready to jump high to receive rewards as well as confront dangerous UFOs?

Jump high and pass the traps

Your task is to help the Doodle character jump as high as possible. So you need to know how to control the character to jump and shoot dangers skillfully

Control Doodle jump

Each platform in the game will be like a rubber with thrust, so you only need to control it with the left and right arrow keys to choose the path for Doodle. With fringed legs, our little alien will jump in a straight line on its own if nothing gets in the way. Pay attention when going up, you must avoid the brown platform because it will break and cause the character to fall. Especially should go where there are springs, as it will make you jump much higher.

Control Doodle to shoot bullets

As you know, the road of Doodle will also meet UFOs, black holes, etc. When in danger, you can quickly dodge or press the up arrow button on the keyboard to shoot bullets. Control it skillfully so that Doodle jumps right on the platforms and jumps far to get lots of bonuses.