Dumb Ways to Die

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Train in Dumb Ways to Die

You are the owner of a train in Dumb Ways to Die and you need to rescue cute passengers from death. To solve deadly puzzles, you need to be really agile.

Coming to Dumb Ways to Die you will be the owner of a train. Your passengers are lovely colorful mini figures. They have huge heads and limbs as small as sticks. They are cute but also exceptionally stupid. They always put themselves in dangerous situations. Your task is to save them from a silly death and create a train full of passengers. Each passenger will have a different name and shape. Try to save enough 82 passengers for your train and depart.

Passenger rescue

Our 82 passengers will face different dangers and of course, the way to rescue is also different.

Dangers faced by passengers

There will be many different dangerous situations that you may encounter when rescuing. Your passenger may be harmed by viruses, may be sick and you need to get the right amount of medicine. Sometimes you will have to laugh when your passenger is only as small as a pea and pokes a cow with a stick. Or stupid deaths from being chased by flames and being spun in a dryer, etc. Each case will be a death for you to test your quick thinking and relieve stress in a healthy way.

How to rescue passengers

As you know, in Dumb Ways to Die, you will face the deaths of other people, so you have to be really quick. With just mouse clicks you can rescue passengers from danger. Use your mouse quickly and read the instructions for each turn and rescue your passengers in no time. Each turn you win you will get points depending on the time you complete the challenge. You will have three lives, when you lose all three lives, your total score is over 200 then you will have one passenger on your train. If you do not complete the mission you will have to play again.