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World in EvoWorld.io

Welcome to a biome survival game in EvoWorld.io. Here you will be just a small fly, you can be eaten by bigger animals, so eat more food to grow.

The biomes in EvoWorld.io

Welcome to EvoWorld. io, you will come to a wild world in the wild. There are green trees, rivers, and streams, roads are very suitable for many types of creatures to grow, namely

  • Normal: here there are insects, birds, bees, bats, etc too familiar in nature. This is also the smallest class.
  • Prehistoric: at a slightly higher level, here we will have Pterodactyl Child and Pterodactyl.
  • Monster and Demonic: these are also two types of scary biomes with many monsters that have a haunting appearance for players.
  • Mythical: From fearsome monsters, you will advance into the Dragons and Phoenixes of ancient myths.
  • Cosmic: when you come to this biome, you become strange animals with one big eye and wings.
  • Undead: this is a class at the top. Here you will progress from different ghosts into fearsome Reapers with different scythes and cloaks. You can kill every other animal and no one can harm you.

The war between biomes

Just like in the natural world, smaller animals will be eaten by larger animals. EvoWorld.io has 45 different species of creatures and 8 stages of evolution according to each biome. Children of the lower class will be eaten by those of the higher class. This is a survival war with many players participating, whoever eats the most and evolves faster will be the one standing on top of the food and no one can harm.

How to eat food and grow

When starting the game with EvoWorld. io, you will be just a small fly, surrounded by many other animals that want to eat you. Those that can harm you are surrounded by red. Use the arrow keys to avoid and fly away from them. The animals that are surrounded by green are the food sources for you to grow. When you eat up to a certain amount you can progress to a higher level animal. Each animal will have different features. Eat lots of food and gold coins and become the Easter Sprite, the top of the food chain. The special thing you need to pay attention to, besides eating, you also have to drink water and oxygen to live. Both indicators are displayed in the corner of the screen. When both fall to the red line, you also lose. Invite your friends to join the game and explore the places and the harsh life of each animal.