Extreme Parking Challenge

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Description Extreme Parking Challenge

Have you ever thought parking a car is difficult? Extreme Parking Challenge will let you experience 3 levels of parking in different situations and terrains.

Parking Challenge

Extreme Parking Challenge will give every player exciting racing challenges. Every player will experience the ability to park their car for a short time. In about 6 seconds and the player must make the car park neatly in the marked parking position. Around your path, there are also many obstacles such as barriers blocking the way. Are you ready to show off your parking skills?


The game has 3 levels for players easy, medium, and difficult in each level. In these 3 levels, controlling the car will be more and more difficult. When you play to a high level, the challenges will also increase in difficulty with many difficult terrains. But for skilled drivers, it will certainly be restored. Or earn coins to unlock an impressive range of cars and features to make it easier to pass.

Learn to park the car

The car is controlled by the ASDW keys and the arrow keys. Playing time for each level in Extreme Parking Challenge is only 6 seconds, when you start pressing the car control until you release it, the car will stop. So even though the time has not expired, but the player releases his hand, the car will immediately stand still. If the car is still not in the correct position, you lose and have to play again. So aligning the parking time properly is also a skill you need to learn.