Fly Trap

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What is Fly Trap?

Are you ready for the intense battle of flies and insectivorous flowers? Coming to Fly Trap you need to help the fly get rid of those dangerous flowers.

Fly Trap is a game about the battle of two sides facing each other in the wild. Those are tiny flies with insectivorous flowering plants. The blue fly is beautiful and powerful. They are not afraid of the sharp teeth of the flower, but they are still busy flying in search of food. You need to help this fly avoid dangers and survive as long as possible.

How to play Fly Trap

How to play Fly Trap is very simple, you just need to use the left-click agility so that the fly can fly. The more times you click, the higher the fly flies. If you do not click, the fly will automatically fall and lose. The two sides of the game will always appear as insect-eating flowers with sharp teeth. You need to let the fly at the right height. When the green fly touches the wall, you will get 1 point. Cleverly dodge and you will get a lot of points. Try to get a high position on the leaderboard. Note that, you just need to get close to the flower and they will reach out and catch the fly, you lose the game immediately.