Football Legends

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Join the ball game in Football Legends

Like the name Football Legends, it will bring extremely suspenseful football matches. You will get to choose famous football teams, win and make legends.

When participating in this football match, you will be able to choose your favorite teams to participate in the competition. You will experience what it feels like to be the best player on the planet. Normally a match will last 90 minutes but this will be a quick match so it will only be 90 seconds. In this short game time, you need to kick as fast as possible and hit the opponent's net as much as possible. Each player has a unique ability to play, so you should make good use of that. Just have to score and steal the ball from your opponent if you don't want to lose. Let's show everyone the ability of legendary football stars right now.

The mode in Football Legends

Coming to Football Legends, you don't just have to fight one person. You can play with friends or form a team.

1 Player Mode

Here you can play Tournament and Friendly mode. In Tournament you can play against a different AI opponent. They have many skills be careful. If you click on Friendly, you will play as a team.

2 Player Mode

You will no longer fight alone, you will have teammates to play and fight with you. Similar to the 1-player mode, you will also be able to choose between Tournament and Friendly. In the Tournament you and your friends will face off against each other. In Friendly, the two will work together.

Quick Match mode

You will be playing against an opponent who is a random player from anywhere.

How to control the character

Player 1

Use arrow keys to move. Run as fast as you can to the ball and press the X key to shoot the ball when the time is right. If you want a beautiful shot, press the Z key to use the special ball.

Player 2

Player 2 will need to use the ASDW keys to run on the field. When the time is right, steal the ball and press the L and K keys for the special ball.