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Scary room in Granny

Have you ever been with murderers in a house? Now with Granny, you will experience that scary feeling and find a way to escape as quickly as possible.

In Granny, you are locked in a rickety and dark house. The night sky scene with the cobwebs and moldy nose rising up increases the horror. It's a bit scary, but this is a good time for you to escape. At this moment, Granny the mutant who kidnapped you is sleeping. Rely on the dim light from the moonlight to find your way out. Walking down the rickety corridors, you need to be very gentle and quiet if you don't want Granny to wake up. On this journey to find your way out, you will surely encounter surprises and other victims like you. Run fast if you want to survive.

Escape from Granny

You are a small character being kidnapped, if you want to escape, you must know how to control and some survival tips.

Character control guide

The way to move the character when participating in this game is that you need to use the mouse to observe and use the arrow keys to move around. Rest assured, along the way you will see hints and signs for you to escape.

How to escape

Scary old lady Granny has a good ear, just make a small noise she is ready to run in the right direction and catch you. One of her weaknesses is that she is very ignorant and has poor eyes. Take advantage of that. You need to deliberately make distracting noises from vases, items from the cupboard or kitchen, etc. You can also slow her down by closing the doors and distracting her. Most importantly, pay attention to every nook and cranny to see if you can collect some important items to defeat Granny. Or simply visit the house and you will discover many hidden secrets. In this survival game, you only have 5 lives, each time you get caught you will lose one life. Are you ready to wake up in a strange bed and ready to beat Granny?