Guardians of Gold

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The story of the miners

It's time to steal gold with Guardians of Gold. You and your teammates will spread gold to each other in the hole and must avoid patrolling guards.


At a gold mine, there are many thieves acting as workers. They dig for gold and want to hide the gold as their own. This is quite difficult when the guards are patrolling all the time. So they planned to pass the gold to each other, one by one to hide the gold in the existing hole. You command them to transmit gold to that destination to complete the task to pass the level.

Characters in the game

Characters in the game will be miners and security guards. The workers will line up in equal rows with bald heads without hats. Some people look gentle, some have beards. The security guard wears a blue suit, has a blue hat, always holds a knife in his hand, and walks around each row of workers. He also has a flashlight, walks very fast, and looks very aggressive.

Gameplay of Guardians of Gold


Use your mouse to click on each miner or use your hand to tap on the screen to transfer gold. If you click on someone, the gold will go to that person's hand. But each transmission is only transmitted to each person in turn. Cross-transmission and transmission to remote workers are not possible. In 25s gold falls into the hole, and you will win.

Tips for players

  • Unlock Powers: Play to a high level you will receive many powerups such as turning off the lights for a limited time or even a sleepy dart that will put the guardian to sleep.
  • Note the time: you only have 25 seconds to guard and transfer gold. The higher the level, the more guards you will encounter, so you have to calculate the route to save time.
  • Attention security: they go very fast, even if they are far away, but if they catch you stealing gold, you will lose. They will also stand among workers like you. Pay attention to the depicted costumes of the guards and do not give them gold.
  • Watch ads: if you want more time, watch ads to extend the level by 5s.