Helix Jump

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Basic information about Helix Jump

Let's experience the feeling of addiction Helix Jump. A ball is falling down the spiral maze, help the ball to fall to the bottom and avoid colored platforms.

Helix Jump right from its launch in 2018 Helix Jump has made everyone crazy. The gameplay of this 3D game is very interesting. A ball will fall down a spiral maze. It kept jumping and falling one by one in the gaps. But besides that, there are larger platforms and different colors. Players will have to rotate the maze so that the ball does not hit those platforms. Every player loves to play Helix Jump because it brings a new feeling of speed or heart-pounding moments when facing danger. Especially the regrets when just being a little faster won't lose the game.

Conquer each level of Helix Jump


To rotate the maze, use the mouse to rotate. If you play on your phone, you just need to swipe on the screen with your finger. Control to let the ball fall to the bottom of this spiral maze and you can pass the level to win.

Tips to get a high score

Each time you fall down a round of the maze you can get 10 points. The more rounds you fall in a row, the more points you get. So rotate the maze to places where there are many consecutive gaps. But notice that those places will have a lot of different colored backgrounds. If the ball collides with the platform it will explode.