Idle Ants

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Become the leader of the ant colony

Enter the world of ants in Idle Ants. You will become the leader to build your own land as well as command the ants to unite to do everything.

Idle Ants depict the very real life of the ants around us. Now that you are a leader of the ant colony, lead other ants with just a few clicks of the mouse to build a home of your own. Start exploring the life of hard-working ants.

Food income

Whoever it is, only eating can survive and thrive. Ants eat a variety of foods: bugs, fruit, chicken, sausages, or even airplanes. The more places you go, the more food sources you will find. Each also needs you to collect a certain amount of food to be able to spawn. After each little ant is born, you have more money and can command them to go find food with you.

Searching for new lands

In the game Idle Ants, our ants are just like in real life. They can operate in harsh weather and conditions. Your ant population is also increasing, so finding different lands is a necessity. Players can go to many new lands to discover all kinds of food. It is like a job to change the food on the menu for the whole ant colony. On an island, a mountain, a city, or somewhere, anywhere can nest. Besides, please complete the tasks and requirements attached and get more bonuses.

Upgrading the ant colony

As you get richer, you can unlock and create new types of ants, such as scientists and geologists. They will help you research technology as you travel around and encounter crystals and gems. When you have harvested enough food, soil, and wood you can build a nest and the nest will automatically spawn a queen. Besides, you can also use the money you earn to help your ants get stronger and work more productively. The most important thing you can unlock the fighters to protect your land from intruders. Power up, upgrade and grow your land to be mighty.