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Space train in Impostor

The Impostor game must be no stranger to everyone. You will join a group of people and perform missions on a spaceship and you must survive safely.

This is an adventure game with many players in a large spaceship in outer space. You and the player will have moments to explore, interact with each other and perform tasks. In the ship, there are many different compartments. Control your character with the ASDW keys and go around exploring the compartments. Each compartment will have different items as well as different layouts. Just go a lot and look out the window to see the stars twinkling in the vast universe you will find it very interesting. Don't let that beauty fool you. What you do not expect is that in this spaceship there will be an Impostor. He is cruel and wants to kill everyone and destroy this ship. There will be many interesting things waiting for you. Are you ready for the adventure on this mortal ship?

Player's Mission

On this ship, there are Impostor and other normal players with different missions


This impostor will be tasked with killing every single person on the train. Players need to hide, integrate and talk to people as usual. Then when no one noticed. Kill them one by one. When Imposter kills all the players, they win. But if the Impostor kills someone and someone else sees it, try to justify yourself or you will lose the game.

Normal player

Everyone needs to go around the ship and collect the items to do the quest. Besides, you also have to observe carefully before and after or you will be killed by Impostor. Every time a player is killed, everyone must gather together and try to figure out the details to be able to kill the right Impostor to protect themselves. Just find the right Impostor among the people on board, and you will survive and win.