Isometric Escape

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The room in Isometric Escape

Welcome to the mysterious room in Isometric Escape. You are in it and have to go around looking for clues one by one to the connected and get out.

Are you a lover of curiosity and discovery? If you have a strong passion for detective stories and journeys, then you should play Isometric Escape right away. Why do we recommend and want you to play this game? Because this is a puzzle game that requires a lot of reasoning. When playing the game you get lost in a fully furnished house but no one is there. Although you can't see the main door, you still can't get out. Slowly sit down and calmly observe around, there will be many suspicious points and puzzles that suggest you solve them.

How to play Isometric Escape

Everything in the house was neatly arranged and it was difficult to notice anything suspicious. Everything in the house such as under the chair, flowerpot, etc can contain hints that you might not expect. Go around and observe and click on the things you suspect. Pay attention to colors or small objects. For example, when you find a suitcase with colored buttons. Looking closely around, only the flowerpot has the corresponding colors. That is the password. Likewise, going to each place, you will again find suspicious and find a way to solve the puzzle and get out of this house. You have to use your own observation, memory, and logical thinking ability to win. If you find it too difficult, you can use the available hint boxes. Try to be a detective and find the clues in the room right now.