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Quests in Lightbot

Have you ever tried programming a robot? Coming to Lightbot you will experience that feeling. Program all the movements for the robot to light the lights.

If you are an enthusiast with programming puzzles, you should not ignore Lightbot during entertainment hours. In the game, you will have to program the path for the robot to reach special locations to light up the lights. You can only use your thinking intelligence without hints to help complete tasks of varying difficulty.

Gameplay of Lightbot

Let's learn the rules of the game and how to control the robot

The rule

On your playing screen will appear a lot of gray and blue boxes. Gray tiles can stack and block your path. Those green squares are special cells that the robot needs to light up in that place. In the right corner of the screen will be the command boxes left, right, jump, light bulb, etc. Below that there are empty tables for placing commands. You place a box to place a command equivalent to the robot will also go one box according to that command. When the robot reaches the blue box and you place all the blue tiles on the lightbox, you win.

Programming Paths For Robots

You need to think and calculate the path for the robot very carefully. Then use the mouse to drag the path command boxes down to the empty table. Then the robot will follow you programmed. The robot needs to go three squares, remember to create three command boxes, otherwise, the robot will go off-road or stand still. Remember to jump and swing to the left or right exactly. This game requires you to observe and calculate 100% accurately every step. The faster you find the way, the faster you pass the level. Many programming puzzles for the little robot need you to overcome and light up the lights at the end of each journey.