Meme World

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Rules of Meme World

In Meme World, you need to help the stickman get the flag at each level. Each level will be a troll screen that challenges your skills to surprise you.

Meme World will have many levels, each level will be a challenge with tough puzzles. Here you will enter a world with many unexpected trolls. For example, walking along the road and bumping into bushes, there are spikes hidden in the match and you will lose the game. Or simply monsters from the dark corner also appeared out of nowhere. It is necessary to be agile and to respond to any eventuality. At the same time, it must be smart to be able to think of options to get to the flag and complete the task. Your reward is gold coins.

Win Meme World

You need to use the movement from left to right, find the way, and jump with the arrow keys. You and the stickman need to do everything to get the flag to the destination. Avoid all dangers like spikes, monsters, collapsing platforms, etc. You also need to pay attention that many levels of flags will not appear immediately but need to use your wits. A specific example is if you see each sun on the playing screen. Think about it, our game only has a grayscale color. So all the levels we play are at night. So you just need to jump into the sun so that the sun goes down the mountain, and the moon and the flag will appear. Good luck to you through the difficult levels.