Mr Mine

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Mr. Mine allows you to mine various coal under the ground. Then, you can sell mined coal, upgrade your equipment, and hire more employees in this game.

Guide to playing Mr.Mine online

Have you ever thought that mining is the best relaxing method? Of course, you won't bring any equipment to dig in real life. You can dig under the ground and collect many different materials as a skilled miner.

Click to mine

You can see many coals with a rock shape appearing on the floor. You just need to click the left mouse button to break and collect them. Your digging machine will explore many new floors under the ground and you can mine by yourself, you need to hire more employees.

Game control

You just need to click the left mouse button to mine a rock.

What can you find in the stores of Mr. Mine

There are many different stores which are the sell center, craft center, and hire century. In the selling center, you can sell your mined coals to get some money. You do not only sell coals, but you also sell other materials such as copper. You can hire more support mines in the hiring center as long as you have enough money. Moreover, you have to have the best equipment to get effective work. You can buy an upgrade at the craft center. Hope you will have the best time with this game. Good luck to you!