Narrow One

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Archery Arena at Narrow One

Narrow One is a challenging multiplayer archery arena. You don't need to be very skilled. You just need to quickly steal the opponent's flag and win.

Narrow One provides the perfect playground for archers. You can try to compete in the playground with many players. There will be 15 maps equivalent to 15 3D competition locations for you to compete in the most realistic way. Your opponents will change constantly, you don't know who they are. They may be technically top-notch or they may be new to the game and you can easily win. So in addition to being a fast-paced archery game, it is also a game that requires players to have a lot of strategy. Agility, and predicting unexpected dangerous situations is also an advantage. Moreover, the game allows players to be in a first-person perspective, making everyone have a fascinating experience.

Defeat opponents in Narrow One


You need to use your archery ability to solo with every player. You can also play with friends by teaming up through rooms and codes. Everyone is in an old castle. You will have the task of defending the castle, destroying the opponents to win the victory flag. This will be an intense match with a fast pace, pay attention or you will accidentally shoot at your teammates. If you kill the opponent, you will have money and some rewards to increase the power value. If you do not quickly steal the flag, but also get shot by your opponent, you will lose the game. At the end of each match, the score of each player and the number of flags will be summed up. You and your friends try to keep the castle and eliminate the bad opponents.


  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • Move the mouse: look around
  • Space: jump
  • Left mouse: shoot

Support items

  • Upgrade bows: there are 6 types of bows, if you have money, upgrade to increase combat power
  • Weapons: there are more than 30 types of melee weapons like guns
  • Skins: there are more than 200 different skins and skills for the character.