Night Watchman

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Overview of the game Night Watchman

Attacking after every eye close in the Night Watchman game will be a great experience for you when participating in this game. Act now to destroy all monsters.

The game gives you a whole new experience. And your task is to destroy all the monsters that come near you. Monsters won't move if you open your eyes. But when you close your eyes, that's when they come closer to you. If you close your eyes for a long time, they will rush to catch you. Therefore, you need to observe their position to properly time the action. When they come close, you just need to use the available weapons or use your bare hands to hit them. You should remember that you can only kill monsters when they are close, if they appear too far away you cannot destroy them.

The game gives you an endless entertainment space and in addition, the game also invests in the context for you to have more new experiences. Each context will have different experiences. There are a few scenarios that are completely dark and require you to use energy such as a flashlight properly to be able to see and destroy all monsters.

How to control the character in the game

  • To observe use the mouse
  • Left click to attack the monster