Noob vs Zombie

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The story in Noob vs Zombie

Are you ready for battle with fearsome monsters? Coming to Noob vs Zombie, you can experience the battlefield with different weapons to destroy the undead.

Noob is a man who leads a peaceful and quiet life with everyone in a beautiful village. And then the apocalypse came. There were a lot of zombies around from nowhere. They destroy and harm a lot of people. All the survivors left. Noob was the only one who stayed because he had a lot of fighting skills. The intense battles have begun. Can you control Noob to win with available weapons and become a hero?

Harsh battle with Zoobies

The battle with the walking undead is a difficult and dangerous journey. Here you will be able to know the dangers and ways to overcome them.

Hard battles

In Noob vs Zombie, you will have to compete with constantly moving undead as well as dry skeletons that can shoot arrows. Both are very long-lived and difficult to destroy. Don't be discouraged, pick up your sword and move forward cutting all these fearsome undead. You'll explore a variety of environments, including villages, caves, deserts, and even the Arctic. Each map for you to fight is a unique challenge for you to overcome. Try to survive.

How to kill zombies?

You can completely play Noob vs Zombie on your phone and computer. In both screens, the arrow keys are displayed to move forward, backward, or jump. You just need to use your finger to click on it or use the mouse to click. If you're not used to using a mouse, you can still use the arrow keys and the X key on your keyboard. Pay special attention to this X key to use a flexible sword to slash at zombies. Every time you kill them you will get gold coins. It will help you get more weapons or luckily you can collect more weapons along the way. Each player will have 5 red heart-shaped lives in the corner of the screen. Every time it is shot or bitten by a zombie, it will gradually decrease. Use it up and you will lose the game. So be quick to hit and control the character flexibly.