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Discover Oib.io

Oib.io is a strategy game where you can unleash your leadership. Create many small armies and divide them according to a clever rule to destroy the enemy.

Assuming the role of a slime queen, your primary objective revolves around nurturing and enhancing your unique slime army. Begin by dividing yourself into an array of smaller slimes. Then, proceed to consume these miniature entities, augmenting your size, experience score, and level. Diligently continue this process until you ascend to higher levels, ultimately evolving into the largest and most formidable slime. As you transition to the phase of inter-slime conflict, traverse the arena in pursuit of fellow players. Absorb these adversaries to further amplify your stature. It's essential to note that your targets should be smaller slimes to ensure successful absorption, as encountering larger ones requires swift evasive maneuvers to evade consumption.

Guidance for Mastery

  • Left-click to single-select a unit.
  • Hold the left mouse button and drag to perform multi-unit selection.
  • Press the Spacebar to select all units.
  • Right-click to initiate movement.
  • Utilize WASD or arrow keys to manipulate the camera.
  • Employ the 1 key for spawning Oibs.
  • Tap the 2 key to amalgamate selected Oibs.
  • Invoke the 3 key to divide selected Oibs.
  • Activate the 4 key to nourish the principal character with the chosen Oibs.