Om Nom Run

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Navigate a treacherous path

Om Nom needs to overcome the treacherous terrain of Om Nom Run. You will need to overcome a series of deadly obstacles scattered on the challenging route.

The backdrop for this game presents a bustling road fraught with diverse perils. Vehicles of varying sizes navigate the thoroughfare, alongside construction sites and barricades that dot your course. It falls upon Om Nom - your trusty character - to surmount these challenges. While traversing such a bustling thoroughfare is ill-advised in reality due to its inherent risks, Om Nom possesses the unique advantage of respawning each time the game initiates. A testament to the principle of "no pain, no gain," Om Nom can run again and again, setting the stage for your assistance in maximizing his distance. For similar support, you can extend a hand to another character in Monsters Up.

A Guide to Navigating Om Nom Run

Leap over or slide under obstacles
Each object presents varying shapes and heights, requiring agile reflexes. Slide beneath towering objects that are too high to jump over. Precision is paramount, time your actions just right. Along your path, seize opportunities to collect coins and other items that come your way.

Embrace Character Diversity and Skill Enhancement

Unlock new characters and upgrade stunts
Utilize your amassed coins to unlock fresh characters and augment your character's stunt capabilities. It's worth noting that acquiring new characters may demand substantial coinage, necessitating dedicated gameplay to accrue sufficient funds. However, a handsome windfall of coins awaits you upon five consecutive days of signing in.

Mastering Game Controls

  • Up arrow to leap
  • Down arrow to slide
  • Left and right arrows for lateral movement