Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Games

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What is Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Games?

A cooking game like Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Games will definitely suit those who love sweets. Earn money to expand your store by completing customer orders.

Your dad has a famous cupcake shop. The taste here is very good and it is rumored that this is the best bakery in town. Now when I have to take over this bakery in place of my father. You have to start learning how to bake and serve to retain customers. At the same time, it is necessary to earn more money to make the bakery more popular and expand the business.

Your duties

Of course, you need to create delicious desserts for our guests. Each customer's order will not be the same, so you can be more creative and open more dishes on the menu. But you have to serve and complete the baking process in a certain time. If you keep a customer waiting for a long time, you will lose that guest and lose money. Of course, in addition to time pressure, sometimes you will also have to deal with difficult guests.

Cake making process

First, you will use the mouse and drag the foods used to make the cake together. You need to choose the right ingredients on the bottom shelf such as flour, eggs, milk, baking soda, etc. Once you've gathered enough ingredients, pour them into the mixer. After the mixture is smooth, arrange the paper in the tray, pour the dough, and put it in the oven. After the cake is baked, spread cream and add fruits and toppings to decorate. More varieties will attract customers. Sell, serve, and receive money. Time it correctly and make everyone agree that your cake is delicious.