Papa's Pizzeria

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Taking over Papa's Pizzeria

Take over Papa's Pizzeria and learn how to manage it. You need to help this pizzeria grow and get crowded. There will be many difficulties you will encounter.

Roy's father owns a small Pizza shop, but he is too old and needs to retire. So this pizzeria will be run by Roy alone. One problem was that Roy had no experience in baking or running a store. But he couldn't let his father's shop close. Roy was determined to learn how to make pizza and wanted to expand this shop to be known to everyone. In this journey, he needs your help.

Pizza shop takeover process

How to Play: use mouse clicks to bake and move.

Learn how to make a cake

You need to start making pizza right away. Learn how to knead the dough, adjust the baking time, add seasonings to match, etc. Especially you must know the exact time or you will be burned.

Expand menu

Pizza is the main fast food of customers. It's so common everywhere. If you want to make your store special. Let's add to the menu with pizzas of different flavors and toppings. Toppings like sausage, mushrooms, sausage, peppers, onions, olives, and anchovies are just a few options available to your customers when ordering pizza. If possible, create additional side dishes.

Customer service

Each customer has a different taste and preference, so you need to pay attention to serving, especially with difficult guests. To see basic details about a customer, you can open their profile. Food must also be served quickly or customers will lose interest and leave. Especially during peak hours, customers come a lot, causing an overload of orders. In return, if you do well and make the customer happy, you will get an extra tip.