Penalty Shooters 2

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Battle in Penalty Shooters 2

A football match is taking place fiercely at Penalty Shooters 2. You are shouldering the responsibility of being both a goalkeeper and a free kicker, can you bring victory to your team?


Entering the match in Penalty Shooters 2, you will first be able to choose the country you want to play for such as England, Brazil, Russia, etc. Then choose between your favorite teams.
You will be playing and competing in the most comfortable mood. That way you will be mentally and easily win. What's special, you can also participate in the World Cup match and bring home an honorable victory for the whole team.


Your team and your opponent had some very intense moments. After 90 minutes of play and the score is tied. According to the normal football competition rules, each team will have 5 penalty kicks and whoever wins first is the one who hits the ball more in the net. These are the moments of tension that determine victory during the moments of competition. You will play the goalkeeper and the free kicker. Don't let the audience's cheers or noises let you down.

How to play Penalty Shooters 2

As I said, you've just been the goalkeeper and the free kicker. Your whole team has entrusted this noble task to you. Focus on completing the task.

The Role of the free kicker

As the penalty kicker in Penalty Shooters 2, you need to pay attention to observe and trick the opponent's goalkeeper. There will be no more fierce battles for the ball. Do you see the yellow arrow and the red spot next to the ball? That is the arrow line that shows you the direction of the shot. You just need to move the mouse, choose a reasonable position and click. Your in-game character will automatically kick the ball. Calculate your mustache shot so that the opponent is the hardest to catch. If the ball goes into the net, your team gets an extra point.

Goalkeeper role

As a goalkeeper, you are the one who catches the opponent's ball. This time you have to judge the direction of the opponent. You need to pay attention to the red circle in the grid. That is the direction your opponent intends to shoot. After seeing that spot, quickly click on it and catch the ball. Try to be a great penalty kicker and keeper, lead the team to victory in the World Cup and claim the prize.