Pin The UFO

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Explore the universe in Pin The UFO

Explore galaxies in Pin The UFO. There is a lovely group of aliens waiting for your help. Use skills to solve puzzles in 250 exciting extraterrestrial levels. This online game introduces a captivating new theme centered around aliens, the paranormal, and the vast expanse of space. With elements inspired by the boundless galaxy, the game combines delightful images of the universe with engaging puzzle gameplay, creating an enthralling and unique experience.

Decode 250 fascinating puzzles

Pin The UFO offers an abundance of levels, boasting a whopping 250 diverse and creatively designed puzzles. As you progress through the game, each level presents a new and exciting challenge, gradually increasing in difficulty. The abundance of levels not only ensures endless entertainment but also showcases the dedication and effort put in by the developers to craft an engaging and satisfying gaming experience.

Getting started is a breeze, with the initial levels serving as a gentle introduction to the game's mechanics and controls. Your task is to liberate the aliens by strategically pulling out the pins that hold them captive. Once the pins are removed, the aliens will be free to move. However, the direction they take relies solely on your guidance. It's up to you to select the batteries wisely and pave a safe path for these adorable extraterrestrial creatures.