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Fight alone with monsters

Recoil is an action game with cute colorful graphics for everyone. You will play as a tiny character and destroy the army of the pink virus but can not move.

Unlike other dramatic gun battles, Recoil will give you a much more comfortable feeling. There will not be a battlefield with many opponents. This is just a playground with just you and the pink cube monsters. You are an extremely professional shooter and you need to destroy all those monsters. Another interesting thing in the game is that you cannot move around. So how do you defeat the monsters? Platforms in the game seem to have elasticity. You just need to click with the left mouse button and the character will shoot itself and will create a recoil, from which your character will move randomly. Kill all the monsters and you will pass the level. Do not be afraid but aim directly at those scary viruses to protect yourself and everyone.

Interesting information

  • Characters will move randomly and roll around making you unpredictable.
  • Although the virus is quite dangerous, it will not attack you.
  • If you collide with spikes, you lose.
  • In addition to shooting viruses, you can also destroy pictures that have stood in the way.
  • Unlock different weapons like pistols, shotguns, shotguns, laser beams, rifles, bows, etc.
  • Fun shooting game with colorful pixel graphics.
  • This game is developed by Martin Magni.