Retro Bowl

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Manage a team in Retro Bowl

Coming to Retro Bowl, you will be playing the role of manager of a soccer team. You control the character and do everything to make your team grow and develop.

If you are passionate about football, now with Retro Bowl you will be satisfied with this passion. It's not as simple as entering a regular contest. You will manage a team and have a lot of work to do. Select elite healthy athletes split up for each player in offensive or defensive positions. Characters that have been divided will have separate tasks. Use your skills to control the mouse flexibly so that your team's players can shoot many balls into the opponent's net to win with many bonuses. Besides, you need to take care of them. Buy and upgrade everything in the shop. Pay their full salary as well as introduce them to the press to gain many fans. Of course, every time a scandal happens, stand up to protect the athletes on your team.

Help the team grow

  • As a team manager, there is nothing more fun than if your team is growing and known by many people. Let's find out some ways below
  • Upgrade training facilities and stadiums: use Coaching Credits to upgrade. Fans will like it and you will get more experience points.
  • Rehabilitation Facility Upgrade: help your team members recover faster.
  • Hire staff: After every football match, several members of your team will be injured. At this point, you need to hire more offensive and defensive coordinators to replace them.


  • If you lead the team well, there will be a lot of achievements for you
  • Game Achievement: Complete 26 achievements and you will receive many attractive rewards.
  • Career Achievement: You will be a good manager if you achieve all 29 career achievements.
  • Front Office Achievement: You need to complete separate quests to get 16 office achievements.