Sling Drift

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The special race track in Sling Drift

Are you ready for the special race in Sling Drift? This will be an endless race that tests your skillful control of a rope to help the car go through turns.

Do you know what Drift tracks are famous for? Those are dangerous turns. The same goes for the Sling Drift track. You will also accompany your own racing car and skillfully avoid dangerous turns. The special thing is that now you will not be the driver anymore. At each turn, there will be a zipper. You just need to skillfully control the rope and help the car go far to get a high score on the leaderboard.

Restore the track in Sling Drift

A speed race always needs dexterity and agility. The racing car in the game always runs in a straight line with increasing speed. So when playing Sling Drift you need to pay attention when the car is close to the turning point, quickly left-click to release the rope, and pull the car in the right direction. Note that the speed at which you left-click affects the length of the rope. Every time you pass a turning point you get extra points. That means the further you go, the higher your score will be and the lead in the Sling Drift track. Practice a lot so that the car does not deviate from the track and become a skilled driver.