Smash Karts

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The race track in Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a multiplayer 3D racing game. This is a three-minute track where you need to collect items and eliminate opponents on fierce roads to win.

Smash Karts brings you racing tracks with endless fun. You will control your car running on a track with many different players. Especially since this is a race track that is only three minutes long. During that time you will have to do to destroy all your opponents. You confront them, just blow up all their cars and you will win. The tracks will have their own dangers and gifts, play and explore.

How to control the car

To control racing cars in Smash Karts you use arrow keys or ASDW movies. How can you eliminate all the opponents and be the only survivor on the track? You can push your opponent against the wall, off the track, and against other obstacles. The more opponents you kill, the more money you earn.

How to kill opponents faster

You can also upgrade the car with the money from the opponent and collect the gift boxes along the way to increase the power.

Mystery gift box

Along the way, you will see mysterious gift boxes with colorful question marks. Drive the car to that place. It will give you the power to defeat your opponent. You can unlock more weapons, cannons, etc

Upgrade Car

Use the money you have to change and upgrade your car. In the menu, there will be countless characters, hats, weapons, etc for you to choose from. It will make your car look cooler and win against your opponents better.